Plant based trend, driven by both health, sustainability and animal welfare concerns, has truly captured the limelight in the last couple of years. The plant-based market shows no signs of slowing down. The trend comes into different chosen eating styles:

Healthier diets: Consumers increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables for healthier lifestyle.

Hybrids: Mainstream potential exists for products that blend meat and plant ingredients.

In full bloom: Botanical flavors such as floral, herbal and spicy continue to show strong growth.

Plant based growth has been a key theme for several years, but the extent to which it grew into the total mainstream with both vegetarian and vegan options became incredibly clear throughout 2018. There has been more than 45 percent average annual growth in food & beverage launches with a vegan positioning (CAGR, 2013-2017).

Selected claims as percentage (%) of new food & beverage launches (Global)

The appeal of plant-based alternatives has widened far beyond the main meals to more aspects of food and beverage consumption including cakes, desserts and sweet treats. One of the biggest results of that has been the strong rise in dairy alternatives. There has been a 17 percent average annual growth in dairy free products (Global, CAGR 2013-2017) of these products including yoghurt, cream, milk alternative, etc. This kind of products are normally claimed Vegan, Dairy-free, Plant-based, Vegetable-based.

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