As Christmas inched closer, members of the Cake Decorators’ Guild of NSW were more than excited to gather once more around the cake turntable—this time, to make Christmas-tree-inspired cakes.

The skillful cake decorators from both Golden West and Sydney areas had an exciting time on Saturday, Nov. 12, and Saturday, Dec. 3, experiencing firsthand a brand new icing and topping product known as Easy Whip.

Launched by Rich Products in late November, Easy Whip is a liquid topping that is specifically developed for unparalleled handling and storage convenience, with ambient shelf life, outstanding yield and unmatched stability. Any operators, whether experienced or new, will find decorating with this whip topping comes with great ease.

“This is quite a magical product,” said Belle Prommoon, technical representative from Rich Products Australia, as she demonstrated how to pipe a Christmas tree. “You can pipe the pine cones with such details and have them maintain their form for 3 days at room temperature with no sign of withering, melting or collapsing.”

With an impressive overrun, Easy Whip can yield 350% after whipped, making it quite a cost-effective buttercream alternative.

As Belle explained the piping techniques, the workshop participants were following her closely to decorate their own Christmas cakes. To everyone’s surprise, Easy Whip felt as light and fluffy as whipped dairy cream, but was so much more stable and flexible to pipe compared to buttercream.

Rich's demo for Golden West Branch CDG of NSW
Rich’s demo for Golden West Branch CDG of NSW
Product sampling at the demo for Golden West Branch CDG of NSW
Product sampling at the demo for Golden West Branch CDG of NSW
Hands-on practice activity at the demo for Golden West Branch CDG of NSW
Hands-on practice activity at the demo for Golden West Branch CDG of NSW

The result was beautiful Christmas trees made entirely of Easy Whip cream on top of snow-white cream cakes, also iced with Easy Whip.

Easy Whip has a natural white and bright tone, the color blending process was very straightforward, causing no problems for the workshop participants when it came to finding the right color for their Christmas trees.

“The most impressive thing about this product is that it is an ambient cream,” said Wendy Nguyen, Assistant Product Manager at Rich Products Australia. “This means you can whip it at 24 Celsius degrees or below, and have it displayed at the same temperature for 3 days without any problems.”

In fact, Easy Whip is quite a breakthrough innovation among ready-to-whip icing and topping products. Different from its precursors, many of which are Rich’s toppings known worldwide for their incredible stability and excellent yield, Easy Whip does not need storing in the freezer and whipping at low temperatures–while maintaining all the impressive features such as high yield and stability. That Easy Whip is the first ambient ready-to-whip icing and topping product is quite a remarkable achievement for the bakery industry, as well as Rich Products.

“[Easy Whip is] great to use and a lot more stable than other products,” Janet from New South Wales commented after decorating her Christmas cake with Easy Whip at the workshop in Sydney.

“Fabulous, so versatile and easy to use,” said Caroline Bunoza about her experience with Easy Whip at the workshop in Golden West.

Christmas workshop with Sydney Branch CDG of NSW
Christmas workshop with Sydney Branch CDG of NSW

The workshops in both Golden West and Sydney consisted of a product demonstration, a product sampling session and a hands-on session where the participants could test out Rich’s products on their own cakes. Besides Easy Whip, the participants also got to sample Rich’n Smooth Tropic, Rich’n Smooth Chocolate, Rich’s Whip Topping Base and Gold Label.

One of the favorite moments for the workshop participants was making little Christmas cupcakes, and sampling the final products.

“Can you feel the vanilla taste and aroma,” asked Prommoon. “It is so smooth and creamy, yet incredibly easy to pipe and handle.”

Across the room, the participants were nodding to Prommoon’s question while licking the cream off of their fingers with delight.

Rich Products Australia is currently running a limited-time offer for early birds: 15% off on Easy Whip until Dec. 25 when you order online at For every online purchase, you also gain points that can be redeemed later for more products.

For more information about Rich’s products and offers, don’t hesitate to contact us.