Cold foam is used to top iced or frozen beverages such as an iced latte, iced cappuccino or iced cold brew coffee, iced tea and other non-coffee beverages. Frothy foam is usually only an option for hot coffee and hot drinks like lattes and cappuccinos; however, it has been introduced for iced drinks as a trend now.

Cold foam lends a slightly sweet flavour and a creamy texture, and it floats at the top of the cup in an eye-catching way. Using a straw is prohibitive to getting enough of that tangy cream overlay, so the method of sipping it from the top of the cup at a 40- to 45-degree angle is integral to enjoying foaming tea. Therefore, drinks with cold foam are even served with a special lid without a straw so you can get maximum foaminess in every sip.

Coffee and tea are the most prevalent drinks served with cold foam. It is easy to find cold foam latte, cold foam iced espresso and cold foam cold brew.

Cold foam tea has a green or black tea base, with or without milk, topped with a layer of foam.

These days not only do many stores provide customers with beverages served with cold foam, but they also allow customers to choose to add a dollop of cold foam to any iced beverage when they order at the register.

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