Known by any names, Layered Cookie Cakes or Cream Tarts are gaining in popularity and becoming the latest craze inspiring the caking world.

Besides different kinds of layers such as shortbread, cookie, mille-feuille, traditional sponge cake can also be applied. The icing or frosting could be vanilla or chocolate cream, buttercream, topping and icing.

They can be made as numbers for special birthdays, letters for a monogram, hearts for holidays. The possibilities of decoration are endless. Decoration items can be diverse from fruit with vibrant colour, assorted chocolates in different shapes, to colour meringues or candies, or pretty cookies and macarons.

Rich’s can offer outstanding topping and icing solutions for your layered cookie cakes both vanilla and chocolate flavour.

Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic has a rich creamy colour, vanilla flavour and a light, fluffy texture that offers superior stability and ease of use. This liquid icing offers consistent quality and robust performance for signature creations.

Rich'n Smooth Tropic
Rich’n Smooth Tropic

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Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is more than just an ideal icing to use in place of scratch buttercream for decorating cakes and desserts. With a much greater yield per cake and easier spreading texture than buttercream, it’s worth seeing why this whipped icing is preferred by decorators all over the world.

Rich'n Smooth Chocolate
Rich’n Smooth Chocolate

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