One of the currently biggest cake trends is floral decoration cake. Cake decorators have different approaches to promptly catch up with the trend.

The fastest way is using fresh and real flowers for cake decoration to truly and vividly reflect the beauty of nature. However, some of the most beautiful blooms, like hydrangea, lily-of-the-valley and ranunculus, are extremely toxic. And even edible flowers can be dangerous, especially when there is no trace of the origin of flowers. Unlike fruit and vegetables, which have an exclusion period for pesticides before they are harvested, flowers aren’t grown for human consumption, unless they’ve been specifically sourced from an edible flower grower. If edible flowers have been sprayed with insecticides, it’s possible that the icing could be contaminated. Gradually, cakes decorated with real flowers are just preferred to be used for display at special events and occasions.

A real cake should be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! Cakes are not purely for displaying to remark special occasions but also for sharing to eat to celebrate those events. While there is no denying the skills required to create a hand-painted masterpiece, the ingredient products used for cake decoration is important to cut down decorating time, whilst maintaining an intricate level of detail and guaranteeing tasteful eating experience.

Flowers have always been a traditional adornment of many events including wedding, birthday, anniversary, congratulations. It is more remarkable and meaningful when cakes and flowers can be combined into floral decoration cake. This year, as well as the decoration of cakes with beautiful organic fresh blooms, sugar flowers are set to make a major comeback. We will see more organic and asymmetrical sugar flower arrangements on cakes, in keeping with the trend for wedding bouquets with more movement and texture.

Floral choices will still include conventional ones such as roses and peonies, but with the addition of varieties such as dahlias, scabious and foraged elements such as berries and branches. White with an abundance of foliage and pastels are still popular colour choices, but pops of more vibrant colours will also appear. This style is limited only by imagination, so there are more and more incredibly elaborate designs.

There are so many ingredient solutions for floral decoration cakes from buttercream fondant to topping and cream.

If you are looking for a convenient topping product for floral decoration cake, Rich’s Gold Label is your perfect choice.

Gold Label™ is a liquid topping that was developed for high volume and cost-sensitive operators with outstanding yield and unmatched stability to hold intricate decoration patterns.  It has a unique dairy flavour, although it does not contain lactose, milk or milk fat.  Any operators, whether experienced or new, will find decorating with this whip topping comes with great ease.

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