All-in-one products for kitchen solutions has become a prevalent foodservice trend for improved bottom line. Rich’s Versatié™ is the ideal all-in-one product for convenient and cost-efficient cream solution with many striking features for both sweet and savoury applications.

Rich’s Versatié™ is an innovation for foodservice businesses looking for a versatile product for cooking, pouring, and whipping.

The dairy-blend cream can be used for multiple purposes from sweet to savoury dishes, and chefs are thrilled with the results.

Rich’s Versatié™'s thicker consistency provides a superior and even coating for pasta and spaghetti.
Rich’s Versatié™’s thicker consistency provides a superior and even coating for pasta and spaghetti.

“After trying Versatie™, it’s light years ahead of other similar products, I found it virtually indestructible and could use it in more extreme ways than regular cream,” says chef Nick Whitehouse. “I predict it will innovate cuisine in Australia and around the world.”

Neutral taste of Rich’s Versatié™ make the product an ideal solution for both savoury and sweet recipes.

Rich’s Versatié™ has a number of benefits including quick reduction and whipping which helps chefs and foodservice professionals save time in busy kitchens.

It has a smooth texture and neutral taste, meaning it works well with other ingredients, and can be used in a wide range of applications. Rich’s Versatié™ has excellent heat stability, which makes it the ideal addition to dishes that need to cook over a long period of time.

The product can also be used to replace a range of dairy products such as milk and butter, which can help improve a venue’s bottom line and reduce the need for businesses to buy multiple products, saving storage space and money.

To top if off, Rich’s Versatie™ has good acidic resistance, excellent alcohol resistance and brings a great shine to glaze applications.

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