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Whip Topping™ Base is a non-dairy topping concentrate that offers a variety of ways to add value to your dessert and cake offerings. Blended perfectly with any liquid, it can be used in endless recipes. The difference between the product and other non-dairy creams is its superior stability, high overrun, great versatility and good cost benefit to operators.


Colour: Creamy white.
Taste: Dairy-like taste.
– Acidity resistant.
– Use as a base and stabilizer with the formula two parts Whip Topping™ Base and one part of any other liquid.
– Whip Topping™ Base’s superior stability helps to lengthen your finished products’ shelf life and prolong your best look for better sales potential.
– 400% overrun means more servings per container.
– Whip Topping™ Base offers more than triple the yield of dairy cream, which makes Whip Topping™ Base a much more economical option.
– Whip Topping™ Base is concentrated, which leads to lower cost and more space-saving storage.
– Gluten Free, Lactose Free. Suitable for Vegan.
– Use for cakes, pies, tarts, donuts, tortes and other desserts as filling, topping, garnishing, or as an ingredient.
– Whip Topping™ Base is so versatile that you can expand your dessert offering without expanding your ingredients inventory.


12 x 907g


– Keep frozen (-18℃)
– Thaw under refrigerator (2℃ – 7℃) for 24 – 36 hours for best results.
– Any remaining liquid can be refrigerated for a week. Do not refreeze liquid.
– Shake well before opening.
– Blend 2 parts of Whip Topping Base and 1 part of cold (below 10 °C) liquid (water, fruit juice, puree, milk, cream).
– Liquid whip topping should not exceed 20% capacity of such bowl.
– Whip on medium or high speed until soft peaks form and gloss disappears.
– Temperature, whipping speed, bowl size, and amount of product whipped affect whipping time. Whipping at colder temperatures results in a slightly longer whipping time and a glossy appearance. Whipping at warmer temperatures results in a shorter whipping time and a dull appearance. Too cold or too warm whipping temperatures slightly reduce yield.
– Whipped product must be stored under refrigeration and can be frozen.


– Frozen (-18℃): 12 months
– Refrigerated unopened (2℃ – 7℃): 14 days
– Refrigerated opened (2℃ – 7℃): 7 days
– Refrigerated whipped product (2℃ – 7℃): 5 days


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